Montreal Game Jam 2021

27 Janvier - 31 Janvier
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About the event

The Montreal Game Jam is the Montreal chapter for the Global Game Jam.This event encourages participants from all over the world to create a video game prototype based on a theme over the course of a weekend.

It’s more than 42 800 participants in 108 countries giving body and soul to complete their objectives and 8 606 games were created last year. The organization of the Montreal Game Jam is the union of multiple universities and professionals from Montreal whose mandate is to promote Montreal video game industry.


We gather students and professionals to stimulate the creation of innovative ideas and to nurture the collaboration in the community. It is by relying on the development of this community that we can increase the overall expertise. Our partners, through their presence, will be able to demonstrate their interest to promote the video game culture. Now is the time to discover new talents, to cultivate new ideas and to form new partnerships.

Whether the participants are from the universities or the industry, they will bond during the Jam. Innovative games and interesting mechanics are developed over the weekend and it is up to you to promote this! We want you to have a lot of fun and do what you love most: create games!




January 27 - January 31, 2020


Opens : 17h00


Closes : 19h00